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Every student loves a particular subject that he finds interesting and easy to learn. Among those, some have a fixed corner for mathematics in their heart. But they always try to find out different ways that can help them to solve their mathematics problem efficiently. When it comes to basic mathematical operations, students usually solve them by using simple calculators but they feel stuck during solving an integral function. At this time they find no solution to this issue. This issue can be resolved by using an antiderivative calculator or an integral calculator.

Antiderivative Calculator


What is a general calculator?

A calculator is a machine that allows a person to perform some basic mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division but an antiderivative calculator is one that can be used to calculate integrals and antiderivatives of functions. With the help of this tool, a person can check his calculus solutions and can get the antiderivative of any expression. This calculator allows calculating the integral of a function with detailed calculation steps. Moreover, you can also solve your integral graphs using this calculator.

What is Antiderivative?

An antiderivative can be understood as a reverse of the process of differentiation. Antiderivative of function f can be expressed as a function whose derivative is f. if you are given the derivative of a function and asked to find it's primitive that is an original function, and then such a process is known as antidifferentiation or antiderivative.

How does an Antiderivative calculator differ from a general calculator?

Primitive function, indefinite integral and primitive integral of a function can be found out using an antiderivative calculator. This calculator has the potential to calculate any integral function of any polynomial easily. All you need to do is just enter the antiderivative to be calculated, click ok and get the result. It understands almost all the mathematical functions. It can easily transform the expression into one which can be understood by the calculator. During this, it follows all the operations of mathematics in order and always gives the perfect answer within seconds. Moreover, it helps you to save time as it deducts all the steps and gives you a direct answer.

Benefits of an antiderivative calculator

As a general calculator, this calculator also has numerous advantages which make it good to use. Once you use it, you will understand how it works and makes the anti-differentiation easier. Here are some points which explain the benefits of using this calculator:

  • Computes a derivative of a certain function connected to a variable
  • Computes the whole expression in one time
  • Supports all types of functions
  • Use all the mathematical operations in order
  • Use different methods and rules
  • Has the ability to do symbolic differentiation
  • Can help to check the derivative by differentiating the expression again

How does an antiderivative calculator work?

If you are asked to find the antiderivative of a function and you don't know how to calculate it, then you can go for this calculator without even thinking twice. To find the solution of an integral function, an antiderivative calculator with steps can be used. Here are some steps which can be followed to solve an integral function on this calculator:

  • Step 1: enter an expression or polynomial to find the antiderivative. Just make sure to add the variable to be integrated with.
  • Step 2: click on the ok / enter button / blue arrow
  • Step 3: get the result

Note: do remember that this integral solver is best to experiment with the expressions, checking the work done, or reminding different things related to integration. It can also be used if anyone wants just an answer and do not want to solve the whole expression by hand. If you want to get the expression solved step by step then you can go for a general antiderivative calculation tool. It is sure that if the integration function is entered correctly, it will give a correct solution. You need not worry about the solution being wrong as it works as a general calculator.

Rules and methods used by an antiderivative calculator

An antiderivative calc just works in the same way a human does. It decides which rule needs to be applied and hence solves the integral expression to find out the antiderivative. It performs various operations and applies different methods such as:

  • Integration by substitution method
  • Integration by parts
  • Integration by splitting the function into a partial function
  • Hyperbolic and trigonometric functions
  • Logarithmic and exponential functions

How to use the antiderivative calculator

From the above-given description, it is clear what an antiderivative calculator is and how it works. But it is very important to know about the types of buttons it contains. It is because it is not possible to use an integral solver without understanding its basic terms. Thus, here are some basic things that you must know to make your integral calculations easier and faster.

  • SOLVE: processes the function entered
  • CLEAR: removes all the text in the typed or entered in the text box
  • DEL: deletes the last element left to the cursor
  • a - z: Helps to type the alphabet
  • trig: helps to type the trigonometry functions
  • ˃: move the cursor right
  • ˂: move the cursor left
  • ˄: move the cursor up
  • ˅: move the cursor down
  • ( ): parenthesis
  • √: square root
  • ∫: antiderivative
  • ││: absolute value
  • In: natural log (base e)
  • log: log base 10

It is a general issue that students get lots of homework from their school or college and always search for something or someone who can make their task easier. During calculating antiderivatives they doubt the correctness of their solutions and want to cross-check them. For this purpose, this antiderivative calculator can prove to be a miracle for such students. Using this integral solver, you can experiment with any expression, crosscheck your solutions, and complete your homework faster. It ensures you to learn many different things and reminds all those rules & methods that you have forgotten. So just go for this tool and make your work easier.