Midpoint Rule Calculator – Find Approximate Area Instantly

It is an intuitive way to find the area of a curve by approximating that area with a series of rectangles between the intervals. In this rule, the midpoint of each of the ranges is used as the point at which the evaluation of the function for Riemann Sum can be done. It is an excellent way of finding the approximate area using rectangles and making the curve pass through the midpoint of the top side of the rectangles made.

roughly equal rectangles

It is said that the Midpoint rule can be used to get a better estimation of the area as compared to the left – rectangle or right – rectangle sum.
In the figure above, it can be seen that the part of each rectangle that is above the curve is roughly equal to the gap between the rectangles as well as the curve. Using A midpoint sum gives a significant estimate of these two errors around canceling out each other.
Midpoint Rectangle Calculator Rule—It can estimate the exact area under a curve between points a and b,

Integral equation

Using a sum of midpoint rectangles calculated with the given formula. It has said that the more number of rectangles; the better will be the estimate:
midpoint equation for multiple rectangles

Where, n is said to be the number of rectangles,

midpoint equation for multiple rectangles

A midpoint rule calculator can be used to find the accurate results of the integration of the area under the curve. It will take the upper limit and the lower limit along with the number of rectangles under the curve.
The midpoint rule calculator put ease to our work by giving the result instantly once the input is provided. Finding the result of an equation manually is an easy task, but problems involving complex equations midpoint rule calculator would be the most convenient way to find the result.
A Midpoint calculator is an effective tool that not only saves time and reduces our workload but is also useful for the pupil who wants to check their answers of the question whether their obtained result is correct or not.

Why do people need this calculator?

One of the best methods to find the area under the graph is to add the consecutive slices or rectangles of equal width, but at times, finding the area of the curve seems unfeasible because of complex calculations. Humans are prone to making errors, which would lead to misleading results. Mistakes are not the only problem students face, but also the time wasted while solving the complex problem and in the end getting an incorrect answer can be frustrating which would affect our behavior towards the other questions. This calculator gives us the accurate solutions of the complicated equations and problems, also saving a lot of time giving us more time, which could be used to solve other questions. Solving complex calculations with ease and efficiency is the prime motive of this calculator. Use this calculator for solving complex problems.
While preparing to solve the complex problems which require a lot of operations, most of the students spend time to get an idea on 'what is the first step to solve this question.' In this situation, they would not like to spend time thinking about the integration, their rules, and formulas. Regular calculators at that moment won't be of any use. , By using the Midpoint calculator, students will be able to solve the integration part of the problems because the time consumed in solving the equation manually or by use of a regular calculator would reduce.

Advantages of the midpoint rule calculator

  1. Easy to use
  2. Saves Time
  3. Accuracy

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