Rounding calculator: Round the numbers up or down to any decimal place.

Rounding calculator is one of the best tools that help in rounding the numbers up or down to any decimal place. By using the rounding numbers calculator you can easily choose ones to round a number to the nearest dollar or round and amount to the nearest cent as well. It also depends upon the place value you want to round the number to.

Rounding Calculator


Some basic rules regarding rounding includes

While rounding the number to the nearest it is important for you to:
Identify that at which place value you are willing to round the number. The smaller the place value will be the chances of getting the accurate final result will become higher. Before rounding, must check the nearest smallest place value.
In case the digit in the next smallest place value is less than 5 then, leave it as it is. Any digit after that number will be zero. In case the smallest place value is more than 5 that is 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 then just increase the rounding value by adding 1. this rule is applied on almost all the values that you want to round.

What does rounding a number mean?

Physically, rounding number is a method in which a number gets replaced with an approximation value so that the results can become simpler and shorter as well. For example the number 2.7 can be round to 3. Methods of rounding there are different methods that are involved in the rounding procedure. the major methods are round half up, round half down, round up, round down, round half to even, round half to odd, round half away from 0, round half towards 0, round to the fractions. Let's understand each method in brief.

Standard Form

The standard form to represent the digits is:

2 5 6 4 3 . 2 3 4
Ten Thousand Thousands Hundreds Tens Ones Decimal Point Tenths Hundredths Thousandths

Round half up

It is the first method included in the rounding this method, values that are half away between the two thousand rounding procedure gets grounded up. For example, when we apply the round half up method then
6.50 => 7
6.61 => 7
6.49 => 6
In case the value background is negative then the situation becomes quite confusing. Because sometimes the value -6.50 gets round to - 6 and sometimes -5. Hair the main motive is to bring the value towards more positive side.
-6.50 => -6
-6.51 => -7
-6.49 => -6

Round half down

This method is quite similar to the rounding half up method. Rather than going up, the values that are halfway between the chosen rounding procedures gets down.
6.50 => 6
6.5 1 => 7
6.49 => 6
in case of the negative numbers the rounding will go up only. However, here also the situation is quite confusing. But the motive of this method is to lead the rounding value towards the smaller or more negative one.
-6.50 => -7
-6.51 => -7
-6.49 => -6

Rounding up

This method is also known as taking the selling method. In this method, the main motive is to rounding up the numbers towards the nearest integers. For example while rounding any number to the ones place any non-integer value will be round towards the lowest integer that comes next.
6.99 => 6
When the situation turns and the digits become negative then the motive becomes quite different then it means rounding unknown integer negative numbers to the next positive integer that is also closest to. For example
-6.01 => - 6
-6.50 => - 6
-6.99 => -6

Round down

This method is also known as taking the floor method and in this the number gets rounded to the nearest integer.
6.99 => 6
When the digits become negative then the rounding down gets done to the nearest more negative number.
-6.01 => - 7
- 6.50 => - 7
-6.99 => - 7

Round half to even

This method is used to break the tie so that no personality can be done on the basis of the negative as well as the positive number for rounding towards anyone from zero. The major motive of this method is to round the value to the nearest even integer for example
6.5 => 7
7.5 => 7
-5.5 => -6
-8.5 => 8

Round half to odd

This method is quite similar to the method of rounding half to even. It is also used to break the type but in this method the values gets rounded up to the nearest odd integer. For example
6.5 => 7
7.5 => 7
-5.5 => - 5
-6.5 => -7

Round half away from zero

The working of this method is quite same to its name. In this method, the value do not get partial towards negative or positive this method, the major motive is to round the number to the half value towards the next integers that is actually closer to the negative as well as the positive infinity based number. For example
5.5 => 6
-5.5 => -6

Round half towards zero

There is a lot of similarity between round half away from zero and the round half towards zero method. The main method is to round the number to the value that is closer to the 0.
5.5 => 5
-5.5 => -5

How to Use the Rounding Calculator?

In order to use the Rounding calculator, you need to:

Rounding any whole number

If you are thinking about rounding off any whole number then it is important for you to check that what is the exact location of that number according to the desired rounding? Here in the below section, we are providing an example that can help you in understanding how the number rounding works when you are willing to round any whole number.

Rounded Table for Numbers with respect to place

Rounding Off Place Corresponding Number The number afore and subsequent the decimal
Million 1000000 7
Hundred Thousand 100000 6
Ten Thousand 10000 5
Thousand 1000 4
Hundred 100 3
Ten 10 2
Unit 1 1
Tenth 0.1 -1
Hundredth 0.01 -2
Thousandth 0.001 -3
Ten Thousandth 0.0001 -4
Hundred Thousandth 0.00001 -5
Millionth 0.000001 -6

Rounding to the fractions

In this method, the rounding process of a particular value gets done to the nearest multiple of the fraction that is chosen. For example rounding to the nearest 1/8
15.65 -> 15 = 15.625
This method is considered as so useful in engineering processes where the fractions are used to define the size of the component for example for the bolts, pipe or the nuts.

Rounding off to the decimal

If you are having any decimal function and you are willing to round it off then you need to follow the process as given below.

Rounding to the nearest tenth calculator

When you are willing to round off the figure to the next 10th then you are required to follow the given steps.

Rounding off to the nearest hundred calculator

First of all, it is important to identify that which digit is given at the hundredth place. Here we are going to take the digit as 0.644.

Rounding to the nearest thousand calculator

The process of rounding the figure to the nearest thousandth calculator is quite similar to the hundredth calculator process.